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courtney elizabeth.

je t'aime, je t'adore.

Courtney Elizabeth

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nineteen. college student. hopeless romantic. overanalyzes everything. loves classic film, white chocolate, and smut-laden romance novels. also partial to emily dickinson, e e cummings, movie musicals, period drama, austen, mendelssohn, nytimes crossword puzzles, gene kelly, degas, mozart, richard avedon, dance parties, procrastinating, audrey hepburn, true friends, vinyl lps, happy endings.
gilmore girls, veronica mars, ugly betty, grey's anatomy, american idol, the riches, remington steele, scarecrow and mrs. king, oprah, food network, what not to wear, sex and the city, robin hood, pre-celebreality VH1, tcm, everwood, alias, project runway.
aretha franklin, queen, frank sinatra, boston, jason mraz, elo, nancy wilson, lynrd skynrd, john mayer, elvis costello, blondie, jump little children, ben folds, the beatles, pernice brothers, sam phillips, rilo kiley, mcfly, keane, the shins, abba, the eagles, stevie wonder, james taylor, michael franks, rooney, carole king, bay city rollers, jackson five, the beach boys, carly simon, ella fitzgerald, dave brubeck quartet, van morrisson.
sabrina, meet me in st. louis, pretty in pink, return to me, breakfast at tiffany's, inside daisy clover, mary poppins, harold and maude, never been kissed, grease, bridget jones's diary, gone with the wind, fame, gigi, babel, singin' in the rain, high society, spellbound, a room with a view, pride and prejudice (1995), secretary, roman holiday.
jane eyre, emma, man's search for meaning, the eight, satori in paris, betsy and tacy, the bell jar, little women, the kite runner, pride and prejudice, bridget jones's diary, jennifer crusie novels, dorothy parker.
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